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Men and baby Loss

The loss of a baby can be one of the most devastating things to happen to a couple and the experience of baby loss can be a very lonely one particularly if you haven’t come across it before or know anyone it has happened to.    Your feelings The person who is most often forgotten in a family bereaved by baby loss is the father. As a bereaved father it can be difficult to have your needs recognised and met. Often attention is focused on the mother and the father’s feelings can be overlooked. Some people may take you to one side and ask how your partner is, but never think to ask how you feel. Others may not feel comfortable asking a man about his feelings or assume you are less affected by what’s happened or you may find that you are expected to hide your feelings in order to be strong for your partner. Your emotions and needs are equally important and valid. Your partner’s reactions and needs may be different to yours, however it may just be that you express your feelings in different ways. 

We are here to listen and give you the time to work through your emotions.  

You can refer yourself by email: or call us on 01484 515137 If you would prefer to speak to a male practitioner please ask when you make your appointment.  
My neighbour would always ask about my wife but never once asked how I was feeling”

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female practitioner counselling a young man You may feel a mixture of emotions:  	Shock 	Anger  	Grief  	Isolation  	Guilt and failure  	Relief  	Helplessness  	Anxiety 	Impatience  	Lack or loss of interest in sex  These are all perfectly normal responses to what has happened