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Being pregnant unintentionally can be a shock. It may be hard to allow yourself to think about having a baby. The situation and feelings of responsibility may feel frightening. Becoming a parent can be a rewarding experience bringing a lot of joy and love into your life. However choosing to become a parent can place great demands on your relationships and emotions. It can affect your personal freedom and your ability to work or study. Pregnancy can also be a difficult time and some women may feel depressed during pregnancy and after child birth.

Help is available

We can help you consider these things and help you to build your own support network. Useful Websites This page has links to other organisations which may be useful to you. Talkthru is not responsible for any of their content. We are happy to talk you through any of the questions below. We are ‘here to listen’ How will I afford a child? If you have money worries, benefits may be available. See for information about benefits for expectant mothers and bringing up children. Citizens advice You can also visit you local citizens advice bureau for advice in person. Where will I live? If you have housing problems, the local Council Office Housing Department may be able to help you.

How do I find a Midwife?

You must register with a local GP to receive antenatal health care from a Midwife, GP and Health Visitor. Sure Start Maternity Grant You may also be able to claim for a maternity grant to help cover the costs of maternity and baby items. Can I have a child and go back to school/college/work? It is possible to have a child and return to school, college or work. You maybe eligible for  "Care to Learn" If you are under 20 years old and need help towards child care and travel costs while you are learning. Child care costs/flexible working You may also be able to claim for help to cover child care costs and/or request flexible working hours from your employer. Contact us now for help and support