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Many women feel grief and a sense of loss when they give up their child for adoption. Some women describe adoption as a life long process and at times women describe feeling guilty for not being able to parent the child but can also be relieved that their child has a new family to take care of them.  
Adoption is a way of providing a new family for your child when living with their own family is not possible. If you decide on adoption you can choose to provide information about yourself, your child's birth, early life and why your child was placed for adoption. This information is incorporated into a "Life Story Book" and can be given to your child in an age appropriate format by the adoption agency, when they feel the time is right. This can also be requested when an adopted person reaches adulthood. What does Adoption mean? Adoption is when your child legally becomes a member of a new family and has one or two new parents. It is a commitment for life. Contact with the birth family can be maintained, if it is decided that this would be appropriate. What happens? The adoption agency is required to provide counselling and information to you about the legal procedures and implications of adoption. ​Formal consent for adoption cannot be given until your child is over six weeks old. Informal arrangements with an adoptive family can be in place until then. After your child has been with the adoptive parents for at least ten weeks an adoption order can be made.  

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Once an adoption order has been made it cannot be changed. It is important that you have both practical and emotional support when placing your baby in a new family.      If you would like post adoption counselling we can signpost you to an appropriate agency. Unfortunately this is not a service we offer.  
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